Jan Gunnar Hoff piano, keyboards
Arve Henriksen trumpet, vocal
Anders Jormin bass
Marilyn Mazur drums, percussion

All compositions by Jan Gunnar Hoff


CD: LOS 119-2
EAN: 7090025831195

LP: LOS 119-1
EAN: 7090025831198

Recorded and mixed at Rainbow Studio, Oslo by Jan Erik Kongshaug, October/November 2013
Produced by Jan Gunnar Hoff and Arve Henriksen
Front cover Photo by Petter Furuseth

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Pris på LP –  Kr 350,- inklusive porto

Fly North! is an invitation – a visa to the Scandinavian school of cool, with release from rule. Come here, come hear! Softly stated virtuosi, memorable motif, and a sonic panorama that, prima vista, becomes a part of you.

Fly North! is a refuge; an escape plan from an increasingly anxious world. Fly to the higher regions of your sensibilities, to a stress-free environment offering space and solace: room for contemplation and calm.

This is an album to be experienced as ‘an entirety’. There are individual tracks and there is individuality in the performance, but essentially, there is a oneness. It is the sweetest of suites.

This is a gentle giant of an album, Nordic nuance lovingly crafted to soothe your soul. So fl y north, free from convention, no passport control, no baggage. And if you’re already ‘north’ then you’re at home!

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