Christer Fredriksen guitar
Perico Sambeat saxophone on tracks 3, 6, 11 and 12
Audun Ramo bass
Bjørn Stiauern drums

All Compositions by Christer Fredriksen


CD: LOS 120-2
EAN: 7090025831201

Recorded March 2013 and April 2014 at Studio Barxeta by Dani Castelar
Mixed by Dani Castelar April-May 2014
Mastered June 2014 by Audun Strype at Strype audio, Oslo
Front cover photo by Petter Furuseth

Christer Fredriksen so enjoyed the experience of recording at Barxeta Studio in its undisturbed environment (with fragrance from nearby orange groves) that he moved his family from Norway to Spain and they lived in
Valencia, close to the studio, for a year. Trademark is a truly musical mixture, a conglomeration of sounds and styles that thoroughly and thoughtfully trace the evolution of the guitar from its acoustic origins to its contemporary, dazzling, digital, wizardry.


With crystal clarity we are treated to comfortingly familiar approaches and yet we are also unanticipatedly transported to novel and unexpected places. Hints of gentle Frisell and hip Scofield morph into fiery passages reminiscent of McLaughlin but the everpresent Fredriksen trademark blends his original compositions into fusions that are both cohesive and coherent.
Colleagues Audun Ramo on bass and Bjørn Stiauren on drums are perfectly placed to accomplish the rhythm section roles on an album that requires not only solidity and technical expertise but also the creative capacity to construct befitting embellishments and solos.


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