Zoe Pia clarinet
Tenores Di Orosei vocal

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Catalogue No: LOS 288-2
EAN: 7090025832888

Indindara was born from the encounter between the clarinetist, experimental launeddist, Sardinian jazz composer, originally from Mogoro, Zoe Pia and the four voices of the Tenores di Orosei, a well-known island group that boasts one of the major musical repertoires of the island that ranges between the sacred and the profane.

Indindara debuted at the Cala Gonone Jazz Festival: a sound immersion in the ancestral breath of the island, a vital flow between the archaic, the sacred, the avant-garde and extemporaneous creation towards the opportunity of a cognitive journey of the intimate aspirations of the ‘Man and his relationship with life.

The word Indindara comes from the union of the pronominal verb, reciprocal reflexive of to leave (in Sardinian) and phonosymbolism, or the ability of the sounds of language (phones) to interact through acoustic and articulatory qualities with the meaning of the terms they convey.

The project was born from the willingness of the musicians to meet, talk, intersect their sound knowledge and the sharing of the concept of oedeumony, or happiness understood as the purpose of life, and as the foundation of ethics. In particular, it is a happiness that is given a precise role in directing one’s conduct. Eudaemonia turns out to be an interesting resource for the new sound encounter: it does not focus so much on the elusive content of happiness, but on its position and orientation.

The sounds of the launeddas and the clarinet with electronic effects, loop stations, cowbells and instruments typical of the processions will join the extraordinary sounds of the four tenor voices to move towards new acoustic resolutions, convey the idea of ​​eternity and remove any temporal reference to breathe a Mediterranean atmosphere, but above all archaic and arcane, however expressed in a lively language. A double stratification therefore, which creates a short circuit to go further.