Liv Hanne Haugen vocal
Mari Boine – vocal & sámi drum on tracks 1, 2 & 3
Øystein Blix trombone, vocal
Thierry Girault piano, synth, vocal, lead vocal on track 4
Alain Kawczk guitar

CD info

Release No: LOS 250-2
EAN: 7090025832505

All text by Liv Hanne Haugen except «Little Fly» by Mari Boine & William Blake
The Yoik on track 2 & 3 composed by Mari Boine
All arrangements by LIV and Andreas Mjøs

Recorded October 28 to November 1, 2020 by Andreas Mjøs at Kysten Studio, Tromsø, Norway
Additional recording and mix by Andreas Mjøs at Speilodden Studio, Oslo
Mastered April 2021 by Morgan Nicolaisen at Propeller Mastering, Oslo, Norway
Produced by Andreas Mjøs
Front cover photo by Jamie Michael Bivard

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LIV’s artist statement: 
Our music means what it means, and the message is simple; we make music because we believe it’s the best way to contribute in the world today. So inspired by Molière we say; Stop talking – go out and tend to your garden with curiosity, joy and courage! 

LIV’s second album HAGE is produced from a place of abundance and expansion, again combining the best of central European and the High North musical flairs and colors. As in Kemedu – LIV’s first album (LOS 141-2 Losen Records 2015), also HAGE refuses to be labeled in any particular style or tradition, but insists – in each song on its own right to define and unfold its own innate logic and sense. Even so; traces of jazz, pop, ethno, punk, soul and not at least yoik, (delivered in the most delicate and wonderful way through the internationally acclaimed and renowned Sami artist Mari Boine’s backing vocal on several tracks), are all present. Layered and fused together to a rich sound-template by the experienced producer Andreas Mjøs (known from a.o. Jaga Jazzizt), we hope the music also keeps moving its listeners into surprising landscapes as it has done with us. 

LIV is a French-Norwegian musical collaboration that started in 2013 when Thierry Girault (FR) and his family exchanged a busy and crowded European life for a year in Tromsø (NO) with fishing, walks in the mountains – and eventually musical exchange with the locals, Øystein Blix and Liv Hanne Haugen. A little later Alain Kawczak (FR) joined and together they formed the band LIV, which forms a perfect container for them to eat, drink, laugh, create, talk, travel and channel it all into songs and concerts for a broad audience on intimate as well as larger stages. They have in total played more than 30 concerts in Norway, France, Italy and in Switzerland. And it doesn’t stop here, we are all just at the beginning.