Kristin Norderval vocals, laptop (live processing)
Ida Heidel flutes, small percussion
Nusch Werchowska piano, inside and out

CD info

Release no: LOS 145-2
EAN: 7090025831454

Recorded at Studio Barxeta, Spain by Dani Castelar, September 2015
Mixed by Dani Castelar, January 2016
Mastered at Notam, Oslo by Cato Langnes, February 2016
Produced by Kristin Norderval, Ida Heidel, Nusch Werchowska
Front cover painting by Sylva Karin Johansen

Tracks 1-4 is part of the suite Mercury Sunrise
Tracks 5-10 is part of the suite Sonic Orbits

Mercury Sunrise suite and This is the Old Song with text by Dina von Zweck
All tracks on this CD were spontaneously composed, improvised and recorded in real time.

«Bold, fearless speech and a compulsion to speak the truth even at personal risk»

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 Download Press Release (PDF)