Christian Jormin piano
Magnus Bergström double bass
Adam Ross drums

CD info

Relese No: LOS 259-2
EAN: 7090025832598

All compositions by Christian Jormin

Recorded July 22 & 23, 2020 by Christian Jormin in Sjöströmsalen at Artisten in Gothenburg, Sweden
Mixed  by Christian Jormin at Studio Jydeklovan, Brännö, Sweden
Mastered March 12, 2021 by Kristofer Göransson at Svenska grammonfostudion, Gothenburg
Produced by Christian Jormin
Front cover photo by gunhild S andersen
Inside cover photos by Magnus Bergström
Cover design by design holtmann

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Christian Jormin (born 1962 in Sweden and the brother of Anders Jormin) has been active as a freelance pianist, drummer/percussionist, composer and arranger in genres such as jazz, improvisation, folk/world music and contemporary dance art. In addition to his own trio, Christian is playing with Eva Kruse Quintet, Anders & Christian Jormin Duo and others. For a short while he was playing drums with Bobo Stenson Trio. He has composed/improvised music for more than 25 dance performances and various ensembles for choir and symphonies. He has toured internationally for more than 30 years in countries like Japan, USA, Canada, India, France, Germany, Hungary ao. and participated on more than 50 recordings. He is a trained teacher in Kundalini yoga and Gong therapy.  This is however only his second trio release.  The first one «Sol Salutis» was released in 2004.

Here is Christian´s own word about this new release:

This record consists of my own compositions, most of them newly written specifically for the trio. The music was recorded during two days at the inspirational venue of Concert Hall Sjöströmsalen at Artisten in Gothenburg, Sweden.  After playing together for many years in various constellations with bass player Magnus Bergström, we met drummer Adam Ross and the trio was formed.

We collectively felt a special musical chemistry eventually leading to a strong urge of recording an album. This particular recording session was made in the middle of the pandemic lockdown, during a period where tinged by isolation, ”hold your distance” was the prevailing mantra. However – seen from a musical point of view, a distance that needed to be bridged.

In musical nearness, with the ears open at wide end, aiming for complete presence of perception, reacting to each others ideas whether they be of rhythmic or melodic kind. Through spontaneous interaction, approaching the music with playful minds in a humble form of communication, free from fear. Dependent on the character of a composition, sometimes navigating through neat passages, at other times creating more freely, by intuition. Thus creating music in the moment by opening up instead of closing down.

The album is named after one of the tunes ”See the Unseen” and points to the ability of understanding things which are outside of normal human perception, symbolizing the possibilities of inner growth and expansion of mankind. I hope you enjoy the music.

Christian Jormin, May 2021