Arne Torvik piano
Bjørnar Kaldefoss Tveite double bass
Øystein Aarnes Vik drums

CD info

Catalogue No: LOS 286-2
EAN: 7090025832860

All compositions and arrangements by Arne Torvik Trio

Recorded june 2022 by Peer Espen Ursfjord at Newtone Studio, Oslo, Norway
Mixed october 2022 by Aleksander Sjølie in Kvadraturen Studio, Oslo, Norway
Mastered June 2023 by Morgan Nicolaysen at Propeller Mastering, Oslo, Norway
Produced by Arne Torvik Trio
Executive producer Odd Gjelsnes
Cover photo and design by Max Franosch

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LOS286S1 Going Home 6. okt. iTunes/Apple:
LOS286S2 Cinematic 10.nov. iTunes/Apple:
LOS286S3 Places To Write 1. des. iTunes/Apple:

Most of the music on this record was written during the spring of 2022, a period where Europe stood still for a moment, shocked by the reality that Ukraine had been invaded and was suddenly at war. We did not really believe what we were seeing and hearing on the news. A couple of years before all of this, I had visited Kiev as a tourist and really enjoyed the city, and now suddenly, the city was undergoing bombardments destroying the streets and making it a place where people now had to live in constant fear for their own lives and for their families.

During this time, I was teaching a young trumpet player named Roman in improvisation at «Landslinje for jazz» in Molde.  Through our conversations, it became clear that he had family and relatives back in Ukraine, and this meant a constant feeling of chaos for him. All this while trying to live a normal life and attending school. This made an impact on me and inspired me to write the song «For Roman».

Songs for Roman was inspired by talking to Roman about these topics in March 2022. Writing some of these compositions became my musical response. I hope they can be meaningful in some way.

Arne Torvik, Molde, July 2023