Thomas Litleskare trumpet
Johan Lindvall piano
Stian Andersen bass
Tore Flatjord drums

Track 1, 2, 4, 5, 10 & 11 Thomas Litleskare
Track 3 & 7 Stian Andersen
Track 6 & 9 Johan Lindvall


CD: LOS 131-2
EAN: 7090025831317
Front cover photo Kjersti Holst

«A mongrel, or mutt, is a dog that is not the result of breeding and belongs to no breed.»

MONGREL stands out in the Norwegian jazz fauna with their unpolished sound. Their music celebrates both well-contemplated melodies and unexpected ideas, presented in their own, quirky manner. Consisting of four active and versatile improvisers from as different bands as KAROKH, Dr Kay & His Interstellar Tone Scientists, Kamala and Baker Hansen, Mongrel is the bastard child of unpretentious jazz and open improvisation – constantly focusing on intuitive interplay.

Recorded in two days by the skilled young sound engineer David Aleksander Sjølie in Bark Studio, Oslo, Taskenspill is a sturdy debut featuring ten original compositions by the band’s members.


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