Frederik Villmow drums
Olga Konkova piano 1/2/3/6/9
Erlend Vangen Kongtorp tenor saxophone 1/6/7 & alto saxophone 3
Gisle Johansen tenor saxophone 1/4 & soprano saxofon 3/6/7 & vocal 2/9
Julian Haugland Bjorå double bass 1/3/6/7

CD info

Catalogue No: LOS 278-2
EAN: 7090025832789

Recorded July 22 & September 28, 2022 at Musikkloftet Asker, Norway
Mixed December 2022 by Frederik Villmow
Mastered January 2023 by Frode Berg at Your Sound Mastering, Spikkestad, Norway
Produced by Frederik Villmow
Supported by Fond for utøvende kunstnere & Norsk jazzforum
Photo and design by Max Franosch
Frederik Villmow plays Canopus Drums

Composed by:

Olga Konkova track 1
Frederik Villmow, Olga Konkova & Gisle Johansen tracks 2,9
Gisle Johansen track 3
Gisle Johansen & Frederik Villmow track 4
Frederik Villmow tracks 5,6,7,8

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I would like to provide a few more details about how this music came about and the process along the way. We had two recording sessions at Musikkloftet in Asker, just outside of Oslo. On the first of the two recording sessions we recorded compositions by Gisle, Olga and me that reflect our different approaches to composing and the different sides of us as musicians and individuals.

One thing all compositions on this recording have in common is that they have their own character and that they leave plenty of space to be formed and interpreted by the musicians playing them. Gisle´s tune „Ali kurerer gruff“ and my two compositions „Momentum“ and „Eternity“ have a written theme and are based on a chord-scheme that we improvised on in the solo sections. On Olgas tune, „B-flat“, we worked without any lead sheets at all and got only a few verbal guidelines. The second session was a fully improvised session.

My aim with this recording was to trust the unknown and playing together with an open mind and open ears. Except for „Eternity“ all tunes on this album are first takes. You never know when magic happens when making music, but there are plenty of moments from this recording session that, to me, were quite magical and that were unique in the way everything came together in the moment.

Let go of fixed forms and let the music travel into unknown terrain. That’s exactly what happened when the music took us to places no one had planned or even imagined. Making music in this way, both in ensemble playing and in totally free improvised settings, demands a lot from the musicians involved and I’m very glad having these wonderful musicians around.

Thank you Olga, Gisle, Erlend and Julian.

We enjoyed the warm atmosphere and calmness at Musikkloftet very much, which provided the best environment in which to make good music. Thanks as well to Odd for releasing this album and making it available to the world.
I am very happy with the music as it turned out and of course I hope that you can find pleasure, inspiration, or something else in this music that you can resonate with when listening to it

Frederik Villmow, October 2022