Alessandro Sgobbio piano, Fender Rhodes, electronics
Emiliano Vernizzi  tenor saxophone, electronics
Nick Wight  drums

CD info

Release No: LOS 225-2
EAN: 7090025832253

String section on The Earth´s Shape: Anna Pollonio – vn, Giulia Pontarolo – vn, Margherita Cissio – va, Andrea Musto – vc

Tracks 1,6,7 & 8 composed by Alessandro Sgobbio
Tracks 2,3,4 & 5 composed by Emiliano Vernizzi
Track 9 composed by Mark Knopfler

Recorded, mixed and mastered July 2019 by Stefano Amerio at Artesuono Recording Studio, Cavalicco, UD, Italy
Produced by Pericopes + 1
Album cover: Copyright Dekloffenak
Artwork and Graphics: Roberto Morelli/

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Since releasing These Human Beings (2015) and Legacy (2018), Pericopes+1 have been rigorously touring the world, despite living oceans apart — New York City, Paris and Milano. The saxophone, piano and drums power-trio “demonstrate power and intention” (Downbeat – USA) plus grit and creativity that has earned recognition from both industry pros and fans. This «cleverly unorthodox trio» (Musica Jazz – Italy) has been described as «an original, stylistically interesting» (Concerto – Austria) cross-genre band that “belongs to a new generation” (Jazz ‘N’ More – Switzerland) of European jazz.

 UP is the new chapter of Pericopes+1’s evolution. UP is a simple word with multiple meanings: Hope in a society where people always look down at their phones. A reminder to lift our heads, enhance our perspectives and create positive change. A forward, ascending direction that artists and civilizations require to survive. Pericopes+1 draws on these inspirations to connect stories, melodies, rhythms and electronics with the past, present and future.

 UP expresses life joy in the lyrical La Rentrée, and simplicity and space in Wonderland. Songs like Danza di Kuwa and Ucronia develop distinct rhythmic motifs, aimed to take the listener into alternative worlds, and awaken from the apathetic state that society holds us in. Vernizzi’s edgy Disco Gagarin and the softer Earth’s Shape are tributes to human victory — inspired by Jurij Gagarin, the first man to explore outer space. Sgobbio’s Martyrlied reinvents an ancient Lutheran Kirchenleider, while Gorod Malinov symbolically reimagines Osip Mandelstam’s prose. Pericopes+1 welcomes their first recorded cover song, Sultans of Swing, however distant and fragmented it may be from the original Dire Straits version.