Runar Nørsett piano
Fredrik Sahlander bass
Tobias Øymo Solbakk drums

CD info

Release No: LOS 257-2
EAN: 7090025832574

Recorded October 2020 by Fredrik Sahlander and Tobias Øymo Solbakk at The University Of Agder, Norway
Mixed November 2020 and mastered February 2021 by Roald Råsberg at Sanden Studio, Kristiansand, Norway
Produced by Runar Nørsett, Fredrik Sahlander & Tobias Øymo Solbakk
Front cover photo by Oddvar Paulsen

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I started playing the piano at the age of six, and in my teens, my dream was to study classical music and be a professional pianist. Somehow this didn´t happen, and I ended up studying medicine instead. I now work as a medical doctor in Kristiansand, Norway, but I never stopped playing and writing music. My interests gradually changed from classical music to improvised music and jazz, and I played the piano in many different settings and with many different musicians for many years, but something was missing. I had been dreaming since the ’90s about putting together my own trio and play my own compositions, but for many years nothing happened.

Finally, in 2017, my very good friend and excellent bass player, Fredrik Sahlander (a Swede living in Norway) grew tired of listening to my rambling about a trio and me complaining that it would never come to life. Sahlander, known from i.a the bands «Sah!», «Dualistic» and «Johnsen, Sahlander and Moen», and an extraordinarily talented and accomplished musician, said that he had found a young, vastly talented drummer from Harstad in the northern parts of Norway, now a student at the University in Kristiansand, and that he, Tobias Øymo Solbakk, wanted to join Fredrik and me in a trio. Solbakk has later earned a reputation as a magnificent drummer in a wide variety of styles, and he has played the drums in the metal bands «Inhsahn» and «In Vain» as well as in «Kubby», «Dualistic» and «Vian». The three of us started to work together in Spring 2017, and Runar Nørsett Trio was born.
The trio rehearsed regularly the following months, and in January 2018 we held our first concert in Kristiansand. Our first album «From the ashes» was released in 2019, and in October 2019 we performed for a sold-out venue at Kilden Theatre and Concert Hall, Kristiansand.
We started working on our second album early in 2020, and then suddenly everything changed. The coronavirus shut down almost everything, and even though Norway has managed well compared to many other countries, we had to put our activities as a trio on hold. I was still working as a medical doctor, but nonetheless, I continued to write music. Early in October 2020, the situation in our part of Norway allowed us to record the songs on this album.
Most of the songs on this album have been written during 2020. The songs have nothing specific to do with the pandemic, except the title track «My funny Quarantine», which I wrote in a strange mood, part afraid and disillusioned, and part optimistic and full of hope. I try to write music that appeals to both heart and brain, music that can make you both smile and cry, and music that spurs your imagination. I have something to tell you, but I don´t know exactly what it is. By listening to my music, maybe you understand it anyway?

Runar Nørsett, February 2021.