Knut Riisnæs sax
Anders Aarum piano
Jens Fossum bass
Tom Olstad drums

CD info

Release No: LOS 223-2
EAN: 7090025832239

Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 recorded September 26, 2018 by Dag Erik Johansen and Kai Andersen at Atletic Sound, Halden, Norway
Tracks 7, 8, 9 & 10 recorded February 11, 2019 by Vidar Lunden at Musikkloftet, Asker, Norway
Mixed September 2019 by Anders Aarum
Mastered October 2019 by Morten Lund at Lund´s Lyd, Oslo
Produced by Knut Riisnæs and Anders Aarum
This recording is partly supported by Fond for utøvende kunstnere
Front cover photo by Kristian Lie
Inside cover photo by Gorm Valentin

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Download Press Release (PDF)

As multi-faceted and hard cutting as diamond, as sweet and layered as gelato Napolitano, The Kernel epitomises all that is great about jazz. It features a group of exceedingly skilled musicians navigating a stimulating repertoire of originals and well-chosen tunes from the classic jazz handbook.
Leader, saxophonist Knut Riisnæs released the highly acclaimed 2nd Thoughts (Losen Records) in 2017.  His co-musicians on this recording are the same: Anders Aarum (piano), Jens Fossum (bass) and Tom Olstad (drums).  It’s a tight unit – a genuine band of well-gigged virtuosi.
The strikingly produced CD opens with Around The Kernel (Aarum).  A delicate, rubato piano opening passage leads to a charmingly stated theme in 3/4 followed by delightfully constructed solos by Anders and Knut.
Living Next Door To Hjallis (Fossum) really swings. Anders takes off on a terrific solo that culminates in an exchange with Tom’s ever-ebullient beat.
La Mesha (Kenny Dorham) is a gorgeous 20-bar format ballad. Jens and Tom support sensitive solos by Anders and Knut with empathic mastery.
Lady Day/West End Blues (Shorter/Riisnæs) opens with Knut’s spellbinding take on Wayne Shorter’s haunting ballad and morphs into a walking blues that swings so hard it makes you smile; a foot-tapping stroll that typifies jazz at its best!
Inner Circle (McKee) is a contemplative waltz with theme stated by Knut and Anders and features an endearing solo by Jens followed by solos from piano and sax.
Reminiscence (Riisnæs) is a fitting platform for Knut’s mastery of his instrument opening with an introspective version of the theme leading to a pulsating Latin feel for the tune’s development and solos.
Midnight Waltz (Walton) is a lively blues in 3/4 with strident solos from Knut, Anders and Jens.
The album lovingly and fittingly closes with Love & Peace (Parlan).  It is an exquisite ballad performed by a world-class band, so adroitly led by maestro Riisnæs.

David Fishel