Nina Pedersen voice
Pierpaolo Principato piano, Rhodes
Marco Loddo double bass
Giampaolo Scatozza drums, live electronics, track 5 & 7
Paolo Innarella flute on track 1 and saxophone on tracks 2,5,6 & 9

String arrangement on tracks 2 & 7 by Marco Tiso
Leonardo Spinedi 1.violin
Fabiola Gaudio 2. violin
Morian Taddei viola
Emilia Slugocka cello

CD info

Release No: LOS 241-2
EAN: 7090025832413

All text and music by Nina Pedersen
Recorded September 16 & 17, 2019 by Clive Simpson at Extrabeat Recording Studio, Rome, Italy
Mixed and mastered during November & December 2019 by Clive Simpson at Extrabeat Recording Studio
Produced by Nina Pedersen
All photos by Paolo Soriano
Make up by Lorena Trivellon

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Download Press Release (PDF)

Nina was born in Norway but has lived in Rome, Italy since 1990 however just now she  moved to Lisbon, Portugal for a 4 years stay. She presents her fourth solo album with 10 tracks of warm, colorful and curious songwriting. Her melodies and the lyrics seem to be searching for something yet undiscovered from one line to the other, and it leaves the listenesr looking within themselves.

Nina creates room for relevant topics like people on the run, praying for God to open his eyes, the act of leaving and returning again and the endless yearn for escape.

Her voice, although very much her own, mature and skilled, sometimes resembles the sweetness of Blossom Dearie, which is an intriguing contrast to the returning dark authority in Nina’s music.

The sophisticated modern jazz sound follows up her earlier releases, with the enjoyable flute of Paolo Innarella, the Fender Rhodes and the use of a loop machine wich bring to mind both the 70´s and a fresh breeze of our own time.

Hilde Louise Ambjørnsen April 2020

We chase it, we hate it, we accuse it for going too fast or too slow.
Sometimes we think there’s too much of it. Most of the time we blame it for not being sufficient.
Time. I’ve been thinking a lot about Time lately. A glance in the mirror and there it is; it has marked my face, infiltrated my skin and traced its indelible signs, like annual rings of a tree.
We become the time we’ve spent, it shapes us like precious diamonds.
During this particular period though, it seems as if the Time has ceased, as if it is exhausted and tired of running and has decided to rest for a while.
So here we are, standing on the sidelines, observing it, imploring generosity, waiting for what it has in store, hoping it will solve everything.
«Time Is A Restless Thief» was written long before the world changed and Time broke into our lives and stole our future and is dedicated to all those whose dreams were much too brief.
I’d like to thank all the beautiful people taking part in this album, starting with my friends and great musicians , Pierpaolo Principato, Marco Loddo , Giampaolo Scatozza and Paolo Innarella for embracing my music with passion and enthusiasm, Marco Tiso for his absolutely amazing string arrangements, Clive Simpson for taking such good care of both musicians and sound, Odd Gjelsnes and Losen Records for making it all possible, all my friends, (you know who you are) for supporting and inspiring me, and finally, my family and rock, Alberto and Sebastian.

Nina Pedersen, September 2020