Bendik Sells
Birte Slettevoll
Caroline A. Bakke
Eline H. Åsbakk
Eva B. Storrusten
Giuseppe Creazzo
Ingrid V. Henriksen
Karoline R. Albrigtsen
Lisbeth-Anita Grimsø Olsen
Live S. Schulerud
Petter H. Bermingrud
Sean Bell
Vemund G. Kjelstad
Andreas Backer, artistic  director and
vocals on tracks 1, 3 & 5:

CD info

Release No: LOS 202-2
EAN: 7090025832024

Recorded February 24, 2018 by Peer Espen Ursfjord at Rainbow Studio, Oslo
Mixed by Andreas Backer, Elin Rosseland and Guro S. Moe
Mastered by Peer Espåen Ursfjord at Rainbow Studio
Produced by Andreas Backer and Elin Rosseland
Front cover photo by Kjersti Holst
Oslo 14 is run by Østnorsk jazzsenter

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About Andreas Backer´s Love, Pen and Paper (Kjærlighet, penn og papir)
The piece aims at exploring the instrumental, sonic potential, characteristics and qualities of the voice, offering a great range of voice techniques, dynamics and musical expression.
The work’s aesthetics and general vocabulary attract inspiration from European free improvisational tradition over the last 30-40 years, combined with the influence of modern free jazz, folk music from different corners of the world and classical contemporary music from the 20th to the 21st century.
Backer has also partly taken a starting point in both his own vocal, physical and mental musical palettes as a vocal improvisationary musician, and further different working methods and approaches to the musical formation of different vocal technique areas.

About Guro S. Moe´s Why are we so afraid to feel, do you know? (Hvorfor er vi så redde for å føle, vet du det?)
The composition is based on a common emotional understanding of motivation into the sound material and a quest for a multi-media expression. This is a method derived from both the compositional work with the theatre company Plexus Polaires and the compositional work with the Len dem Ikke ut with Frida Ånnevik and the dancers Astrid Groseth and Marthe Reithaug Sterud in 2014.
Moe has taken the method further in pure musical compositions and the result gave a huge artistic, robust experience, through the work Svart/Hvitt at nyMusikk (Norway’s Centre for New Music And Sound Art), June 2015 and Lysleder during the Borealis Festival 2016 with the ensemble Avgarde. This method opens up a strong common language where all knowledge stood equal; it formed a community and established a deep trust even though the musicians have never played together as a group.
Moe’s conviction is that this creates music with a different sensitivity and energy, and this is what she as a composer wants to explore.

The works are commissioned by Oslo 14/Østnorsk jazzsenter and supported by Norsk Kulturråd.

Oslo 14 vocal ensemble was established in 2014 by singer/composer Elin Rosseland and Østnorsk jazzsenter, and consists of a pool of 25 improvisational singers. In 2017 singer/composer Andreas Backer took over as artistic director.

Oslo 14 explores the human voice’s different possibilities and extended techniques in various musical settings, as an improvising group and in collaborations with various Norwegian contemporary composers.