Future recordings as it looks right now (Click on this line to get the text right)

19 and 20 August, Knut Riisnæs Qrt will record their first release for Losen Records. This is only Knut´s 5th solo release in his long career. He is turning 70 on November 13. This release will be available by then. He has taken up the thread after John Coltrane like noone else in Norway and he has recorded with John Scofield and just about everyone in Norway.

20 and 21 August (The trumpeters third recording for Losen Records)
Hildegunn Øiseth Qrt with Espen Berg – piano, Mats Eilertsen – bass, Per Oddvar Johansen – drums

1-4 September (New Music with a hint of jazz?)
Kristin Norderval – vocal,  with Nusch Werchowska – piano and Ida Heidel – flute

17 – 21 October (Mathisens funk-rock-jazz dream band with a possible sax player as a guest)
Per Mathisen – bass – with Frode Alnæs – guitar and Giraldo Piloto – drums

9-13 November (The second recording for Mongrel on Losen Records)
Thomas Litleskare – trumpet, Ayumi Tanaka – piano, Stian Andersen – bass, Tore Flatjord – drums

The final recording in 2015 for Losen Records as it looks now will be a trio recording with Steinar Aadnekvams Freedom Trio towards the end of November at Studio Barxeta, Spain.