Jens Wendelboe American Big Band

In spite of the fact that the Covid 19 craze is stopping up everything in this business these days, giving all involved a bad economy as a result, it is lot of musicians around still wanting to share their new music with you with a CD and LP of some releases. We have postponed all new releases until the end of September at the earliest, hoping for better times by then. But we have not stopped the planning of new releases and we have lot of good music to look forward to like f.inst. the one below:

The trombene player and arranger Jens Wendelboe lives in the New York area. He has played for 8 years with Blood, Sweat and Tears and as an arranger and trombone player for even longer with Donna Summer and countless other celebrities. He is currently planning a new recording with his American Big Band. A new CD with this big band will hopefully see the light of day sometime in March 2021.