Lorenzo DeFinti piano
Featuring Fabrizio Bosso trumpet

CD info

Catalogue No: LOS 267-2
EAN: 7090025832673

All songs composed by Lorenzo De Finti, except
n.3 (De Finti / Dall’Ora)
n.4  (Igor Stravinsky)
n.5 (Chick Corea)
n.6 (traditional Venezuelan villancico)

Recorded by Marco Sorasio and Seby Burgio at Griffa Studio, Milan, Italy & Snokad Room di Seby Burgio, Rome, Italy
Mixed and mastered by Stefano Dall´Ora at Lonestar Studio, Varese, Italy
Produced by Lorenzo De Finti
Special thanks to Stefano Cattaneo
Cover photo by Kjersti Holst
Design by Max Franosch

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For at least 4,000 years, lullabies have existed in one form or another as a way to soothe, cajole or (a long time ago) even threaten a child to sleep.

Lullabies From An Unknown Time takes this concept of thoughtful, reflective songs from across the ages and transforms them into a sparkling collection of new music.

There’s no Twinkle, Twinkle here though; Italian pianist Lorenzo De Finti’s through-composed originals mix with wisps of Stravinsky, a Venezualan folk song and Chick Corea’s Crystal Silence.

The project reunites the pianist (himself with three children) with long-time friend and renowned trumpeter Fabrizio Bosso and Norwegian record label Losen Records.

Italy and Scandinvia may not be common bedfellows in the world of music, but something makes sense about the Italians signing with a Norwegian record label for this release, whose chamber-jazz sensitivity and brooding soundscapes is not a million miles away from that famous ECM sound.

Fabrizio Bosso has been a mainstay on the international jazz scene since graduating from the Turin conservatory of music as a 15-year old prodigy. He’s performed an incredible range of projects – from big band and straight ahead jazz to pop, bossa and avant garde – not to mention his own releases on Universal Records’ legendary Blue Note imprint. The overarching theme of his career, though, is an openness to new ideas.

Lorenzo De Finti (perhaps unsurprisingly) started out as a classical musician & composer, before diving into the world of jazz in the 1990s; first at America’s prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston and then out on the road with artists  diverse as The Harlem Gospel Choir, Ziggy Marley, Paolo Costa and long-standing collaborator Eric Marienthal.

Lullabies From An Unknown Time brings together two musicians renowned for their virtuosic, classically-influenced technique, they perform a set of duo music full of restraint, poignancy and sensitivity.