Sara Calvanelli  accordion, voice, Indian harmonium, loops, cajon
Virginia Sutera violin

CD info

Catalogue No: LOS 283-2
EAN: 7090025832833

All Music improvised by Sara Calvanelli and Virginia Sutera

Recorded live May 2022 by Ermanno Novali in Pieve di S. Giovanni decollato, Cornacchiaia, Florence, Italy
Mixed november 2022 by Ermanno Novali in Milano
Mastered January 2023 by Dario Ravelli in SuonoVivo
Produced by Virginia Sutera Sara Calvanelli
Cover photo by Geir Hareide Andersen
Band photo by Ermanno Novali
Executive producer Odd Gjelsnes
Cover design by Max Franosch

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Ejadira is the word Aridaje backwords. Aridaje is an Italian word for – «expression of frustration for something bad repeating»

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It’s the fall of 2020, lockdown time. Two female musicians –
300 kilometers away from each other – choose not to give in to
despondency and undertake a “musical correspondence”:
recordings, notes, ideas are sent, they trust each other and thus
create new music, from afar.
A few months later, they finally decide to meet in person and
immortalize their first encounter in a free-flowing recording:
thus Ejadira was born.
An improvisation and impromptu composition project:
a fluctuating interaction between violin, accordion, voices and
live looping that crosses baroque and folk sounds and meets the
contemporary passing from lyrical moments to real dances.