Ole Mathisen saxophones, multiple effects
Per Mathisen Ac. & El. bass, multiple effects
Paolo Vinaccia drums, percussion


CD: LOS 104-2
EAN: 709002583

Recorded June 2010 by Ole, Per and Paolo at Per s Basement Studio, Sylling
Mixed by Ole at The Courthouse, NYC
Mastered by Andy VanDette at Masterdisc, NYC
Front Cover Photo Finn Aasum

On a beautiful day in June 2010, the three of us went into Per’s basement studio in the village of Sylling, Norway, nestled between mountains at the end of lake Tyrifjorden – a spectacular bucolic setting not far from the cities of Drammen and Oslo. My piece, “Syllinghymne“, was written especially for this place. All the music on this album was composed specifically for this session.

An interesting feature of Per’s studio is that there are no sight lines. We had to rely entirely on our instincts and musical sensibilities in terms of cuing when to enter a new section within a composition, when to return to specific written material etc. I believe this enhanced our ability to communicate, and, as the title of the album suggests, this music is about flexibility and adaptability – about stretching the music in a variety of ways: dynamically, emotionally, time wise, and harmonically. The compositions “Elastics,” “Depth Conditioning,” and “Buoyancy” exemplify these ideas, with tempos and melodic lines being completely fluid and malleable.

Per and I had, in addition, decided to explore our respective electronic set-ups. All electronic atmospheres and textures were created in real time.

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