Sverre Gjørvad drums
Herborg Rundberg piano
Dag Okstad bass
Kristian Svalestad Olstad guitar
Eirik Hegdal saxophone on track 11

CD info

Catalogue No: LOS 279-2
EAN: 7090025832796

All compositions by Sverre Gjørvad, except Faren min by Ulf Risnes, Dagen svinner by Ivar Thomassen and Dazzling Blue by Paul Simon.

Recorded June 16-19, 2022 by Kristian Svalestad Olstad at Kysten Studio, Tromsø, Norway
Saxophones arranged and recorded by Eirik Hegdal at his home in Trondheim, Norway
Mixed early August 2022 by Kristian Svalestad Olstad at Room 225, Tromsø
Mastered August 29, 2022 by Morten Lund at Lund´s Lyd, Oslo, Norway
Produced by Sverre Gjørvad
Executive producer Odd Gjelsnes
Cover photo by maxeilert
Band Photo by Tomato Undershirt
T-shirt artwork on band photo by Halvor Kjølås-Gjørvad
Cover design by Max Franosch

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Four years have passed since the album Voi River was recorded in August 2018: four years, and three more albums.

The inspiration behind the name Elegy of Skies is not known, but it was after the album with the same title that the idea of ​​four albums dedicated to each (Aristotelian) element came.
Time to Illuminate Earth was and is an appropriate title for almost anything, while Here Comes the Sun will forever be associated with something positive and beautiful.
Maybe the albums of this tetralogy also reflect the four seasons. If Voi River was a summerly album and Elegy of Skies brought an autumn mood, then Time to Illuminate Earth is dark and wintery. It suits, I think. And, here in the High North, where the sun actually is below the horizon for two months of the year, Here Comes the Sun is an appropriate title for a spring album.

Four albums with the same four musicians, recorded and mixed in the same studio, all released on the same label (and mastered by the same guy, too).

On three out of four albums, the same front cover photographer.

It has been a rewarding project: 30 new compositions, as well as personal interpretations of music I like. Hopefully, it paints a picture of me as a composer, and some of what has influenced me.

Also hopefully, it reflects a band evolving a timbre with a certain geographical distinctiveness: elements of the High North distilled in sound.

Sverre Gjørvad, 2022.