Olga Konkova piano, Fender Rhodes
Per Mathisen upright bass
Gary Husband drums

CD info

Release No: LOS 244-2
EAN: 7090025832444

All compositions by Olga Konkova

Recorded March 13, 2020 by Vidar Lunden at Musikkloftet, Asker, Norway
Mixed and mastered July 2021 by Vidar Lunden at Musikkloftet
Produced by Olga Konkova, Per Mathisen, Gary Husband and Vidar Lunden
All photos by Roar Vestad
Financial support by Fond for utøvende kunstnere, FFUK
Cover design by design holtmann
Piano tuner Renée G. Ingeberg


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This album is a listener’s journey. Imagine a kaleidoscope for the ears. Forms, colors and patterns gently and constantly evolving towards something yet unheard. Cohesive, unpredictable, delicate, intimate, extroverted, somber and playful.

There is a very internal aspect to this music, and the playing of these performers. We don’t hear a musical conversation between the musicians so much as we hear an exchange of thoughts, dreams, and half-forgotten memories. This is not music for spectators. The listener can’t stand outside of the music and watch it go by. We are invited inside. The interplay between the musicians insists that we come and be a part of it.

The material spans the spectrum from quiet introspection, drawing the listener in close, to a driving intensity that challenges the sonic limits of the trio. Sometimes the music is sparse and aesthetic, creating immense weight and value for each individual note. At other times, the sounds come in a seemingly endless cascade to engulf, inundate and overwhelm the listener.

The trio format has always been a challenging one. The sound is open and transparent, unmercifully exposing any flaw, uncertainty or hesitation. Approached too simply, the format stiffens. The bass, piano and drums relegated to their expected functions of melody, harmony and rhythm become ultimately predictable. It would be easy and comfortable to fall back on these traditional roles. But here, every contribution can stand on its own musical merits. This trio playing more closely resembles three soloists united in a common cause. Three distinct and individual voices creating a unique commentary. In this respect, the trio format fits perfectly, showcasing the nuance, depth, sensitivity and imagination of the performers that might otherwise be covered up in a larger ensemble.

This is a listener’s album. Get your best pair of headphones ready, and enjoy the ride.

Scott Pierson Rogers,  July 2021