Karin Nakagawa 25 string koto, vocal
Hans Tutzer soprano saxophone
Paolino Dalla Porta double bass
Marco Ambrosini nyckelharpa
Katharina Dustmann percussion

CD info

Release No: LOS 246-2
EAN: 7090025832468

Recorded, mixed and mastered 2018 by Katharina Dustmann & Marco Ambrosini at Studio Katharco Sound Creations, Germany
Produced by Hans Tutzer & Karin Nakagawa
Front cover photo by Ellen Ekevik

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玉響 – TAMAYURA    

Nakagawa, Tutzer & Dalla Porta

Karin Nakagawa from Yokohama (Japan) and Hans Tutzer from Bolzano (Italy) first met in the  summer of 2014 at an international workshop for artists and musicians in South Tyrol. The one-of-a-kind resonance created by a mix of soprano saxophone, koto, and vocals—tied together with a remarkable musical affinity—soon led to numerous collaborative works and concerts.
In 2017, they were joined by esteemed Italian bassist, Paolino Dalla Porta, giving the newly-formed trio more depth, range, and fullness of sound. The fusion of chamber music, traditional songs, and jazz is playful, earthen and vibrant, and allows all three musicians to spread out and improvise across genres throughout their original repertoire.

Joyful hues, in a reverie full of harmonies, rhythms and soundscapes, instill a new independence, trailing off into vast expanses. This subtle and tender invitation entices you to linger, to slow down and immerse yourself into a silver-gold world… 

Nakagawa, Tutzer and Dalla Porta convene as three masterful musicians who remember the beauty of impermanence with utmost sensitivity and passion, basing their actions on an essential focus, using a precise selection of sounds, and dynamically moving between meditative and energetic moments. This is poetry in its purest form!

Manfred Bernard


* 玉響TAMAYURA  is a poetic Japanese way to describe a short, fading moment.

Awareness of its impermanence makes that moment precious.

玉 = Treasure or Jewel      響 = Resonance, Sound, or Vibrate

Thus, TAMAYURA could also be explained as:

Treasure of Resonance in a fully experienced, yet impermanent moment.


BIOGRAPHY    Karin Nakagawa – 25-string koto, vocals, composition

Karin Nakagawa, born in Tokyo and mainly living in Germany for the last several years, began taking piano lessons at three years old. At twelve, she dedicated herself to the study of the very rare 25-string koto under esteemed professor, Keiko Nosaka (Sōju Nosaka). She graduated from the world-renowned Tokyo University of Arts in the traditional style of “Sōkyoku-Ikuta ryū – Jiuta sangen” (traditional 13-string koto, shamisen and Japanese singing). Karin went on to collaborate with many internationally-acclaimed artists, organizing stage programs and performances in over 30 countries worldwide, and in 2009 she was awarded “the Best Debutant in Music” in Japan. In addition to her generous discography, she also won the “Swedish Grammy Award 2016”  for the ECM Records album “Trees of Light,” released in a trio with well-known Swedish musicians Anders Jormin and Lena Willemark.
Today, Karin Nakagawa is an internationally-successful musician who works across borders and genres. Along with various collaborations and projects, she is always active as a solo artist and touches her audience with authentic and masterful performances. Her diversity—still based on cultural identity and tradition—gives her music a rare and unparalleled emotionality.

BIOGRAPHY  Hans Tutzer– soprano saxophone, composition

Hans Tutzer, born in Bolzano, began studying saxophone at the Accademia Nuova Milano Musica in Milan. In 1985, he continued his studies at the Innsbruck Conservatory under the direction of Florian Bramböck, graduating in 1989 with a degree in applied music.

Hans has been teaching at the music schools in Bolzano and Merano since 1990 and performs many concerts in various forms locally and abroad. Additionally, he has recorded and collaborated with numerous musicians. Some of his CD productions include: the big band “Hanspeter’s Orchestra,” the saxophone quartet “Sax Four Fun,” the trio “OTeM,” the“Ebnicher-Tutzer Project,” the “TAMAYURA” trio and many more. Of all the different ongoing projects, he is mainly focused on the recently formed “TAMAYURA,”  the “Ebnicher-Tutzer Project” and “Sax Four Fun,” which have brought about interesting collaborations with world-renowned musicians, such as: Paolo Fresu, Javier Girotto, Fabrizio Bosso, Giovanni Falzone, Mauro Negri etc.

Hans Tutzer’s poetic style is characterized by a strong sense of melody with a captivatingly warm tone and spherical sound, making him a true specialist in his instrument.

BIOGRAPHY  Paolino Dalla Porta– double bass, composition

Paolino Dalla Porta is one of the most creative and versatile double bass players in the European jazz scene, blending styles such as improvised music or ethnic Mediterranean sounds with traditional jazz. With over 40 years of experience, he was a founder or key member in many well-known groups, establishing what is now uniquely defined as Italian or European jazz. Besides appearing at the most popular jazz festivals worldwide, he has recorded over 150 CDs and collaborated with countless internationally-acclaimed jazz musicians, such as Pat Metheny, Dave Liebman, Lester Bowie, Paul Bley, Kenny Wheeler, Sam Rivers, Don Cherry, John Abercrombie, etc. In 2008 he was recognized as the best double bass player in Italy by the music magazine, “InSound,” and was voted number 1 in a survey by the jazz magazine, “Musica Jazz” the following year. In addition to various masterclasses and workshops on improvisation and collaboration, he teaches double bass and chamber music at the Piacenza Conservatory and at the summer seminars “Siena Jazz” and “Nuoro Jazz.”

Since 2015 Paolino has been a permanent member of the legendary American group“Oregon,” lead by Ralph Towner, and he plays with the “Paolo Fresu Devil Quartet,” with“Tino Tracanna – Acrobats,” with Bebo Ferra, Giovanni Falzone, Dino Rubino, Zlatko Kaucic and, of course, with the recently founded trio,“TAMAYURA.”