Michael Aadal guitar
André Kassen saxophone
Audun Ramo bass
Gunnar Sæter drums

CD info

Catalogue No: LOS 282-2
EAN: 7090025832826

Recorded November 2022 at The Lodge, Kristiansand, Norway
Mixed by Morten Martens
Mastered February 2023 by Morten Lund at Lunds´ Lyd, Oslo, Norway
Produced and arranged by Aadal. Co-produced by Morten Martens
Executive producer Odd Gjelsnes
Cover photo by Kjersti Holst.
Band photo by Nate Russell
Additional sleeve photos by Ingvald R. Ingebretsen
Design by Max Franosch
This recording was supported by Sørnorsk jazzsenter, Creos vederlagsfond and
Fond for utøvende kunstnere

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The Michael Aadal Group have previously released two albums on Losen Records. Abigail LOS 122-2 in 2013 and Pomona LOS 158-2 in 2016.  Following a minor change of personnel and as the newly-named Aadal, the quartet released two albums on another label before returning to Losen Records.  And so, it is as Aadal, that they here deliver the enchanting Voyager.

The music, the musicianship and the production epitomise a sonic voyage that is deeply fulfilling and, as with their previous releases, transcends borders and genres.

With its lavish harmonies and intricate melodies, Voyager is a testament to Michael Aadal’s skills as a composer and arranger (he has written all but one of the tracks).  The band produce music that is both deeply emotional and technically impressive. Whether you’re a fan of jazz, fusion, or any other genre, this album is sure to leave you captivated.

Michael’s guitar (vibrant, intimate and relaxing throughout the entire recording) introduces the opening statement, Atlantis and is soon joined by André Kassen (sax), Audun Ramo (bass) and Gunnar Sæter (drums).  The title track, Voyager opens with gently strummed guitar chords and leads to a theme featuring guitar and sax in unison.  This appealing piece in 3/4 time continues with a studied solo from Michael, a restated theme and a short but attention-grabbing and clearly heartfelt solo from André.

Aftermath opens (and closes) with Gunnar’s delicately played cymbals and drums which lead to the ensemble theme and another excellent sax solo, underlined by superb note choice by Audun who is a featured soloist on Red Sky.  A group improvisation shines on mpro C Moll with remarkable high-note expressions and fluency from André.  Lighthouse features delightful solos from Michael and Audun and the track somehow represents the ‘togetherness’ of this band.  The album closes with Winescapes introduced by the now characteristic sound(s) of Michael’s guitar playing.

So sit back, relax, and let Aadal take you on a journey through the cosmos with «Voyager».  You won’t regret it.

David Fishel