Tor Welo organ, piano
Ola Welo saxophone
Lars Tormod Jenset bass
Martin Wister drums

CD info

Release No: LOS 234-2
EAN: 7090025832345

All compositions by Ola Welo except tracks 2 & 7 by Tor Welo and track 8 by Bent Fabricius Bjerre

Recorded July 29-31, 2019 by Marius Stegegjerde-Kristiansen at Sparkle Sound Studios, Sofiemyr, Norway
Mixed by Marius Stegegjerde-Kristiansen
Mastered September 2019 by Javed Kurd at Kurder King Production, Asker, Norway
Produced by Tor and Ola Welo
Front cover design by Dag Skedsmo

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If you are reading these liner notes, you probably have bought a copy, or have been given one in gratitude. Either way, it is highly appreciated! The process of creating a recording of jazz originals (plus one unoriginal, in this case) is a demanding one, but greatly rewarding when the music finds its way through the ears and into the lives of others. This music is composed, performed and recorded with joy, and we hope you will enjoy listening to it!
Tor and Ola Welo have been playing music together for about 35 years. To begin with at family gatherings for birthdays and holiday celebrations, later on in various professional settings, as a duo of piano and saxophone, or in band settings. A strong musical father/son-relationship like this is probably not unique, still it is not a common one. This record is not the summary, but the celebration of this ongoing musical collaboration.
The music recorded on this album is based on melodies and how a quartet of musicians is able to perform them. This is a common thread in both of the Welos’ musical careers; The appreciation of fine and tasteful melodic compositions and skilled musicianship, in any genre, setting or shape they may appear. In this case, the piano and saxophone is supported by the great musicianship of bass player Lars Tormod Jenset and drummer Martin Wister, both of them adding something personal and unique to each composition. Jenset is heavily featured on Earlybird Special by Ola, composed with this favorite bass player of him in mind. Martin Wister’s impeccable time and tasteful drumming is a cornerstone of this recording, and can be heard in particular on Norganic Remix and Fresh Start.