Øyvind Nypan guitar
Rick Margitza saxophone on tracks 4, 5, 7, 8, 9
Leonardo Montana piano
Gael Petrina bass
Simone Prattico drums

All Compositions by Øyvind Nypan


CD: LOS 124-2
EAN: 7090025831249

Recorded by Christophe Sarlin at Studio Regards, Paris August 2012
Mixed December 2012 and Mastered May 2013 by Roald Råsberg and Øyvind Nypan at Sanden Studo
Front cover photo Petter Furuseth

Øyvind Nypan was born 1972 in Southern Norway and has his musical education from both Kristiansand and Copenhagen. As a result of living in Paris from 2006 to 2008, he has performed with a variety of French jazz artists for many years. Now he has finally realised a dream and recorded his latest album, Republique, in Paris. As strange as it may sound, there isn’t even one French musician in the band.
During the time he lived in Paris, Øyvind played with musicians such as Frederika Stahl, Pierre Boussaguet, Phillippe Baden Powell, Hadrien Feraud and Sarah Marrow.But for Republique, he opted to gather an international group of musicians, all of them critically acclaimed and actively working in their respective countries. However, the band has one thing in common
– they all live in Paris. Nypan has with different bands toured Japan several times apart from playing the main festivals in France, Germany, Austria, Turkey, Sweden and of course Norway.
Republique (his second album) was recorded autumn 2012 and consists of nine original Nypan compositions. The music finds its roots in modern American East Coast Jazz.


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